Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Italy launches Change Your Life - Change Italy program

An esteemed panel of mystical elders descended upon Italy to announce the BestProgram2015 - a sort of twinning program to bring some of Italy's brightest potential entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley - and then...to hope and pray and chant so that they actually come back home to Italy as successful entrepreneurs.
The program, called Change Your Life - Change Italy showed Italians precisely what they needed to make it in Silicon Valley:  Balls, to be precise.  Judging from our panel and the notorious chauvinism of Silicon Valley, this meritocracy need not have any XY chromosomes.
Taking place just one day after the Economist went full frontal vagina, and Samantha the Italian astronaut, sent amazing photos from the Space Station, the group of elders made their announcement: 
We chose to announce this grand program right on the doorstep of the Vatican - a fine institution that has been run by men-only for centuries.  That is what we stand for: where algorithms are our religion, we think that by taking their example, we, too, can be around for centuries as well. 
As for the participants, they said they couldn't wait to get over to the USA and learn to be successful innovators so they could stop those 'uppity women' who now lead the CERN particle accelerator, Facebook (of all things!) and - heck - even General Motors.  
They also said they couldn't wait to get back to Italy where they could then drop 54% of earnings on taxes in order to pay the politicians' bribes (they will consider it a donation), employees who can never be fired, and five times the cost of gas for their cars.  "But, hey, one optimistic participant beamed...at least cappuccino will still be a buck fifty". 


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