Tuesday, November 5, 2013

You say tomato...I say toxic waste

Italians have their collective Dolce & Gabbana underwear in a twist over this cheeky advert that came out recently from tomato sauce purveyor, Pomì.  After so many reports, videos, and so much buzz about the fields of tomatoes that are actually smoking from only-San Gennaro-knows-what detritus is buried beneath them, coupled with a Mafia turncoats recent affirmations about the triangle of death where they've dumped nuclear waste and more...Well, I imagine that tomato eating has perhaps gone down.  A farmer on the report by the courageous women of Le Iene said he sold his rotten tomatoes to every major brand in Italy - which then went and turned them into bottled sauces and whatnot.  As for him, he risks his life just cultivating the cancerous fruits - the Lycopersicon symbol of the luscious Mediterranean lifestyle...
So, out came Pomì - in an attempt to squash the rumours...

Some have said that the North is just as polluted as the South - sure, with small particles and especially traffic.  But I'd take those particles sprinkled on my pasta over the stuff that's bubbling just below the earth in Caserta.

Bravo Pomì:  Now, just sign the change.org petition to force the magistrates to reveal the names of all those buyers of these toxic tomatoes. 

A new, similar report has come out on Olive Oil - revealing the not-so-breaking-news that - oops! - the olives aren't really from Italy.  This is something that's been out & about since the 1980s...with a terrific book exposing it Extra Virgin as well.

As for me, my eye-witness report on the olive oil scene is here:  http://burntbythetuscansun.blogspot.it/2010/08/unlocking-secret-of-italian-olive-oil.html


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