Friday, April 11, 2014

Berlusconi Does Community Service

A new media petition asking, What would you have Silvio do?
Silvio's cool 'Get out of Jail Free' card got him closer to his wish of community service - he has asked to work in a geriatric home or disabled center.  So, finally, after 20 years in politics, someone will actually see the benefits; albeit only once a week (am or pm).  Or will they?  
I think the septuagenerian Berlusconi will provide a public service by paying for face lifts - boob jobs - and penile implants for all.  Here, I've compiled the best of Italian humor on how he's going to be spending his time...

Cleaning the halls of one of his villas
Silvio the crooner - known for his 'entertainments'
Italy's near-90 yr old President
hopes that Silvio gets to assist the elderly

[Italians use 'sweep' to signify to 'screw']
So, here...
You loved to sweep, so enjoy!


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