Sunday, June 1, 2014

Italy's Prime Minister Renzi and the Million Euro Giveaway!

Well, make that 80 euro. But, if you multiply that figure by the number of people who received some extra dosh in the mail, well, you're pretty much feeling like the recipient of a Nigerian Prince's bounty. But in the interest of Par Condicio, since I took Berlusconi to task for the same practice [See Burnt by the Tuscan Sun's - Buying Votes with Public Money], I thought I'd give you the inside scoop on what, exactly, is going through Renzi & Cos. minds after conjuring up the Big Giveaway (of course, after counting the votes up that'd he'd get in response):
Photo by Bern as published in
Libero Quotidiano
80 Euro! Do you know what you can buy for that...!  Why, you can buy 10 pizza pies -- that's nearly one per month! That'll really get the economy rolling...

80 Euro! That's nearly a one-way trip on a super-fast (well, okay..not-so-fast) train from Rome to Milano.  Too bad, you won't be able to get out, but the 80 would take you as far as say...Parma! And, they have terrific prosciutto to boot.  Imagine the taste of that prosciutto after you've been buying lowcost counterfeit prosciutto from Albania all these years just to save a few bucks.  It'll melt right in your mouth.

80 Euro! Well, since I'm about to raise the garbage tax and a few actually, will come out in the wash...but, don't tell anyone I said so. Especially that guy Grillo. He'll go ballistic.

80 Euro! By my calculations, that's roughly one and a half tanks of gas.  Now, that may not sound like much, but think about it--In those terms, you'll start riding a bicycle and that's good for the environment! So, it's a Win-Win-Win kinda deal...I win election, the environment wins, and you win too - as long as you don't spend it on gasoline...that is.


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