Saturday, February 15, 2014

Advertising Age: Swiss Style

On my original blog, Burnt by the Tuscan Sun, every so often I post the ridiculous ad campaign that catches my eye.  I rate them by the age of the mental faculties of the person who most decidedly thought it up.  While visiting Switzerland, however, I discovered that it isn't just the Italians who are brand-challenged.  [This is not to say that the Swiss don't usually excel in outstanding graphics and ads to promote any cause - so let's just say, it may be the exception that proves the rule].
So, I give you, Migros Stores private label fab toothpaste: 

Yes, it's true..that Candida is Latin for stark white.  And a Nova is a cool star, but it still means "NO GO" and as such, a bit ridiculous for a car brand.  Candida as any woman over the age of 14 knows is...a yeast infection.  Finding this tube of white cream on any bathroom counter provokes an acute case of head scratching; in an effort to determine just - what, exactly - this treatment is for.

A few other faithful expat bloggers have caught the Candida branding fever too.  Here they are, putting the rub on the dear ol' Swiss:
Regardless, I still offer my hand in holy matrimony to the Italian ad-guy who thought up Soffass Toilet Paper.  Click here for blogger Married to Italy's quick review of what may now be rebranded as Sofis...


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